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Apache 2.2 on Debian Wheezy w/ PHP-FPM, FastCGI, APC and a kind of suEXEC

Apache / Debian / PHP

won’t talk about pros and cons of PHP-FPM, FastCGI, APC and all that stuff, there are tons of articels around, see also the links below. main urge was to speed up PHP with APC, get rid of preforked Apaches, run PHP scripts as their native user and many more. just giving an overview how I’ve easily set it up here, having different „customers“ programming their own PHP scripts and also Debian packages ready to run.

Monitoring OpenLDAP

Debian / LDAP

due to OpenLDAP went for on-line configuration (OLC) its not that easy to enable Monitoring. Monitoring in this context here means to at least be able to run a Munin plugin to get nice graphs for OpenLDAP as I do here.

build your own basic Raspberry Pi Debian image

Debian / Raspberry Pi

Outdated! May I point you to Raspbian Lite Image by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Outdated! May I point you to raspbian-ua-netinst. Seems that I’m one of these lucky guys already received their Raspberry Pi. I ordered it from RS on the 5th and got it on the 10th of May. Posted my unboxing on Google+. But which distribution should I install? There are many on the downloads page. First choice was the Debian image, because I’m […]